Alojamiento Rural CASERIA MARÍA SOPEÑAThree cozy houses with garret, make up this splendid structure Asturian farmhouse situated in Pruneda, 52, Nava, Asturias Read more...

Rural Accomodation CUYAR

Casa Rural CUYARRural Traditional Accommodation over 200 years of history, was once a typical farmhouse in rural Asturias situda in La Villa, S / N, Espinaredo, Piloña, Asturias.

Activities & Environs

The rural areas are located in the accommodation offers countless opportunities to enjoy our leisure time in a pleasant atmosphere created by the tranquility and warmth. But they are also the ideal starting point to learn about the natural environment.
Those who wish to complete your stay more dynamic experience can choose from activities:
* Panorámica de cumbres (en el P.N. de los Picos de Europa)
* Parque Natural de Ponga y Redes.
• Interpretation of the landscape: natural, rural and ethnographic.
• Middle mountain villages, idyllic beaches and fishing ports.
• Camino de Santiago: visits to historical and natural heritage and artistic.
Hiking and gastronomy.
Bird watching, horseback riding, canoeing, cycling, water sports, fishing, golf, etc.

Asturias is the countryside, mountain and sea, also the products of earth, ethnography and welfare. Some consider rural due to the country side, others consider countryside as rural. The one and the other, collectively or individually are the heart of the matter of the surroundings for both rural accommodation “Casería María Sopeña” and “Cuyar”.
Pruneda and Espinaredo are two small villages belonging to the municipality of Nava and Piloña. There do not live many inhabitants and they live out the kitchen garden and every day they take their cows along the paths as their parents and grandparents used to do. All is countryside as opposed to town, where the rural spirit prevails over the meaning of life. All contribute to mark the rhythm of all seasons with the change of colors, smells and labors.
Notwithstanding, thanks to the different geographical variety you can enjoy sea (Villaviciosa, Colunga, Ribadesella) mountain ( National Park Picos de Europa, Naturals Parks of Redes and Ponga) and all sorts of landscape and experiences .
On the other hand the new road system allows a quicker access to the cities with offer a tremendous cultural and commercial interest (Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés) where the traveller c an enjoy art (Fine Arts Museum) and vanguard (Laboral University and Cultural Center Niemeyer) with their summer night live along with the local people.
To travel to Asturias is to travel to the Paradise, or in other words travelling without the same routine.
The choise of the location of the lodgings was not by chance or aleatory but the surroundings were considered as an additional ingredient for the genuineness for a holiday stay. Espinaredo as well as Pruneda hide of the treasures which are still very much alive in the country side of Asturias, which nowadays hold a recognized value and are a matter of consideration and protection: traditional landscape, typical activity of the countryside, lots of animals and vegetation in the end a great ethnographic heritage, etc.

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